About Me

RBH bio picRyan Hunter

” I’ve got good news and bad news…you’re in charge of your health.”

Change is difficult but doesn’t have to be. Working in a growth oriented relationship provides accountability and the creativity needed to foster healthy behavior change. People possess unique  personal motivators that can be implemented with Positive Psychology techniques utilized in health coaching.

In 2015 I had my own “rock bottom” experience. I emerged with the desire to be useful to others. Implementing changes in my eating and with the addition of restorative practices, I became healthier, happier and more energized. Having an educational background in Psychology I decided to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach to assist others.  Change is difficult and by having a coaching relationship you can improve your wellness. I am passionate about helping others improve and to live their best life. If and when you are ready to reach higher, feel better and make changes, please contact me for a winning partnership in your life.

When my spouse became a Functional Medicine (root cause medicine) practitioner and began to heal herself through the tenets of this modality, I was amazed and inspired. Here was an MD that conventional medicine could not help until she discovered Functional Medicine.  I am Cajun and love to cook so I learned about healthy substitutions as ingredients.  I started some food modifications and we felt better. This led to other areas of lifestyle change like stress reduction.  We began to see and feel the improvements in our health.  Conventional medicine had not helped me. I had inflammation/fluid  in my ears and a bacterial overgrowth in my gut to name a few of my symptoms that have been relieved. Discovery of my own non-celiac gluten sensitivity was a major game changer as well allowing me to become free from Allergy medications.