What to expect/Scheduling

What is Health Coaching? 

Health coaching is a partnership focused on an individual’s health using an accountability partner, a Coach. Together as a team, a wellness plan can be created with the guidance of a Coach to improve a client’s lifestyle. After initial consultation, if coach/client decides to move ahead with coaching, a package of sessions will be confirmed and purchased. Sessions to follow can be held via video conference, phone call or in office.


What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching?

Functional Medicine Health Coaching applies Positive Psychology techniques to assist in the process of behavior modification. Functional Medicine Health Coaches collaborate with other Functional Medicine practitioners to serve their clients for optimum outcomes.

Functional Medicine is centered around getting to the root cause of disease while taking into account the whole person for natural treatment. The modality considers the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of a patient utilizing a variety of specialized assessments and a collaborative care approaches.

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