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Welcome to Functional Coaching, LLC. Functional medicine coaching is developed from the model of root cause medicine and lifestyle modification. It is a client centered approach with a foundation in Positive Psychology. As your coach, I will co-create a wellness plan with you towards lifestyle improvement. Working together, as a a team, we build  accountability which helps mold your goals into success! I can coach you in person, by phone or via video conference no matter where you live. Change is hard, coaching helps.


  1. Healthy Eating- Food is medicine.
  2. Sleep-Probably one of  the most overlooked components of health.
  3. Stress – mind body connection is real
  4. Relationships-a true happiness element
  5. Movement- not doing it leads to never doing it 

Chronic disease and illness are on the rise with no signs of slowing down. A coaching relationship that keeps you accountable while leveraging your own unique character strengths which position you to improve your health and prevent illness. Functional health coaching is most effective when my clients have a functional medicine Doctor who can recommend protocols for patients whom I work with to achieve the goals of the patient and Doctor. Functional medicine incorporates the whole person with regards to wellness including the mental ,physical and spiritual elements of humanity along with a natural approach.


After overcoming many of my own challenges to health and happiness I became dedicated to helping others. I know through the right coaching relationships people become empowered and make change happen.