Let’s team up for your health.

Change is hard. We do not develop habits over night nor do we form new ones just as quickly. Have you  tried to modify your behavior only to slide backwards again and again. Slipping backward with your goals is actually a normal function of change. Together, working with a health coach, we can design a vision and a strategy to improve health outcomes and train your brain to create new habits. Having an ally in this challenge is very beneficial. The research available is showing positive evidence in this collaborative team approach to wellness. The Mayo clinic has performed one study demonstrating the short term benefits of health coaching as well as doctors at The Center for Excellence in Primary Care providing evidence of the longterm improvements.  This is but only  to name a few of the research studies showing positive health outcomes for patients receiving health coaching.

Here at Functional Coaching I work with a team or one on one to assist in your journey towards the wealth of health.

Ryan Baron Hunter, FMCHC

“When you focus on problems you get more problems. When you focus on possibilities you have more opportunities” – Zig Zigler